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It is the policy of the Bradford Special School System not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs or activities and provides equal acciess to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies:

Mr. Jerry Diviney

Federal Programs Director



Mrs. Amy Dunn

Special Education Director








Decisions made by school personnel - such as aides, teachers, or assistant principals - which students

believe are unfair or in violation of pertinent policies of the Board or individual school rules may

be appealed to the school principal or a designated representative. To appeal, students will contact the

principal's office in their school and provide their name, the issue and the reason for their appeal on a

printed form available at the school office within two days. The appeal will usually be decided confidentially and promptly,

preferably within ten (10) school days.

However, if the principal does not make a decision within ten (10) school days following the date of

complaint, students or parents may appeal at that time by contacting the director of schools/designee at

the central office. The information provided should include the student's name, the school and a description

of the problem.

An investigation and decision will be made within two (2) school days and communicated to the school

principal and student by telephone. A written copy of the decision also will be sent to the student and

the principal.


Filing a Complaint

- Any student of this school district who wishes to file a discrimination/harassment

grievance against another student or an employee of the district may file a written or oral (recorded, if

possible) complaint with a principal and/or school counselor.

1Students may also report an allegation

of discrimination/harassment to any teacher or other adult employed in the school who shall inform a

complaint manager of the allegation. The complaint should include the following information:

Identity of the alleged victim and person accused;

Location, date, time and circumstances surrounding the alleged incident;

Description of what happened;

Identity of witnesses; and

Any other evidence available.



-Within twenty-four hours of receiving the student's complaint, the complaint manager

shall notify the complaining student's parent/guardian and the principal who shall inform the director of

schools. The parent/guardian shall be given notice of the right to attend an interview of the student in a

non-intimidating environment in order to elicit full disclosure of the student's allegations. This interview

shall take place within five (5) days from the time the complaint was first made. If no parent/guardian

attends the interview, another adult, mutually agreed upon by the student and the complaint manager,

shall attend and may serve as the student's advocate. After a complete investigation, if the allegations

are substantiated, immediate and appropriate corrective or disciplinary action shall be initiated. The com-

plaint and identity of the complainant will not be disclosed except (1) as required by law or this policy;

or (2) as necessary to fully investigate the complaint; or (3) as authorized by the complainant. A school

representative will meet with and advise the complainant regarding the findings, and whether corrective

measures and/or disciplinary action were taken. The investigation and response to the complainant will

be completed within thirty (30) school days. Copies of the report will be sent to the student, principal,

Federal Rights Coordinator and the director of schools. One copy shall be kept in the complaint manager's

file for one (1) year beyond the student's eighteenth (18th) birthday. The director of schools shall

keep the Board informed of all complaints.

Decision and Appeal

- If the complainant is not in agreement with the findings of fact as reported by

the complaint manager, an appeal may be made, within five (5) work days to the director of schools.

The director of schools will review the investigation, make any corrective action deemed necessary and

provide a written response to the complainant. If the complainant is not in agreement with the director

of schools' findings of fact, appeal may be made to the Board of Education within five (5) work days.

The Board shall, within thirty (30) days from the date the appeal was received, review the investigation

and the actions of the director of schools and may support, amend or overturn the actions based upon

review and report their decision in writing to the complainant.


The Board believes that differences of opinions arising in the course of employment should be resolved

as quickly as possible and at the lowest supervisory level.

In instances of questions by an individual staff member concerning the interpretation of policies and

procedures to that staff member, administrative practices within his/her particular school, and relationships

with other employees, the staff member concerned must consult the administrative or supervisory

personnel to whom he/she is responsible. If a satisfactory resolution of the problem cannot be reached

after ample opportunity for consideration of the matter, the staff member concerned may discuss the

matter with the next level of supervision up to and including the director of schools.

In instances where an individual staff member feels for personal reasons that he/she cannot discuss a

problem with his/her immediate superior, he/she may take the problem directly to the director of schools.

After review of the case, the director of schools shall take action as he/she deems appropriate and within

a prompt, reasonable time shall notify all parties concerned of his decision.


Employees should notify any district complaint manager if they believe the Board, its employees or

agents have violated their rights guaranteed by the State or federal Constitution, State or federal statute

or board policy including:



1. Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act

2. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

3. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

4. Claims of sexual harassment under Title VII of the

Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the

Education Amendments of 1972


The complaint manager will endeavor to respond and resolve complaints without resorting to this grievance

procedure and, if a complaint is filed, to address the complaint promptly and equitably. The right

of a person to prompt and equitable resolution of the complaint shall not be impaired by the person's

pursuit of other remedies. Use of this grievance procedure is not a prerequisite to the pursuit of other

remedies and use of this grievance procedure does not extend any filing deadline related to the pursuit

of other remedies.


1.Filing a Complaint - An employee who wishes to avail himself or herself of this grievance

procedure may do so by filing a complaint with any district complaint manager. The employee

may request a complaint manager of the same sex. The complaint manager may assist the employee

in filing a grievance.

2.Investigation - The complaint manager will investigate the complaint or appoint a qualified

person to undertake the investigation on his or her behalf. The complaint and identity of the

complainant will not be disclosed except (1) as required by law or this policy; or (2) as necessary

to fully investigate the complaint; or (3) as authorized by the complainant. The complaint

manager shall file a written report within ten (10) days of the filing of the grievance, of his or

her findings with the director of schools. If a complaint of sexual harassment contains allegations

involving the director of schools, the written report shall be filed with the Board. The director

of schools shall keep the Board informed of all complaints.

3.Decision and Appeal- After receipt of the complaint manager's report, the director of

schools shall render a written decision within five (5) days of the receipt of the report which

shall be provided to the employee. If the employee is not satisfied with the decision, the

employee may appeal the decision to the Board by making a written request to the complaint

manager. The complaint manager shall be responsible for promptly forwarding all materials relative

to the complaint and appeal to the Board. Thereafter, the Board shall render within thirty (30)

days from the date the appeal was received, review the report and affirm, overrule or modify the

decision and render a written finding which shall be provided to the complainant. This grievance

procedure shall not be construed to create an independent right to a Board hearing.

Anyone who feels that they have been discriminated against and wish to file a complaint, or anyone who has a question about BSSD's non-discrimination policy should contact

Persons designated to coordinate Title IX and Section 504 Compliance:


Mr. Jerry Diviney

Federal Programs Director



Mrs. Amy Dunn

Special Education Director